Welcome to CrossFit Ybor

    CrossFit Ybor is a Veteran-owned CrossFit gym located in Tampa’s historic Ybor district. We take a “non-traditional” approach to training with personalized and tailored workouts focused on improving fitness, performance, health, and confidence. We are not a typical gym with dull routines and complex machines. Instead we offer varied workouts performed with high intensity. This means that anyone, from the novice to the professional athlete, can achieve the next level results they desire. All we ask from our members is a desire to improve and results will follow.

    Additionally, our members are part of a greater community that is supportive, energetic, and committed. Unlike traditional gyms that can be intimidating to newcomers, CrossFit Ybor offers camaraderie from its staff and members in an environment that encourages individuals to overcome physical boundaries and mental obstacles. Our members are regular people like you, not professional athletes or Olympiads. The difference is their commitment to a fitness approach that pushes our members to continuously improve their health, strength, and stamina (while still providing flexibility to enjoy their vices). So what are you waiting for? Come in and give us a free try.